terça-feira, 2 de setembro de 2008

It's my first post

Hi Everybory it's a new experience from my English Class, my teacher invented this task so I have to write in English every week. I hope I enjoy it and I hope people enjoy things that I write and post.
When you came here leave your comments
ok that's all folks.

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Tati Minçon disse...

Hi, Bruno!

I`m Tatiane and also MJ`s student.
Let`s talk throught blospot to practice our english and give opinions about posts and points of view.
I`m starting to post things in my blog and I hope you come to leave your comments.

Thanks. Have a nice day.!

Maria Júlia Pontes disse...

Hi Bruno!!
I hope you enjoy posting in your blog, as you can see someone has visited it before me!!
It´s gonna be a good exercise for all of us, I'm sure!
Post and comment other people´s posts too.
See yha!

Maria Júlia Pontes disse...

Hi Bruno, remind me to link the other blogs here, so you can enter other student´s blogs and comment.
see yha!

Leandro Passarelli "English is a BIG fucking shit" disse...

hi Bruno,
I am also mj's student and I don't like this blog that maju invented either, but we have to practice because it will be very important for our future. When you can, visit my blog and leave your comment.

See you around the blogspot...BYE!